English Camp (EC) is one of the top leading program in SMPI Al Abidin Surakarta. It is aimed to stimulate and to enhance students’ English skills.

This year the event is held on 25-29 March at Asrama Haji Donohudan. Being around in an English environment made the students had to use English in every occasion whenever they were at the camp. They always had to communicate using English not only with their friends but also with the tutors and advisors.

There were so many activities at this year’s English Camp, students got to learn all skills including Writing, Reading, Listening and English Grammar. The lessons were delivered through role-play games, dialogue, movies, and outbound. Of course the instruction used was all in English.

Gaining the knowledge and comprehension in the use of English is the purpose of this camp, so they will have a first-hand experience of learning and practicing the language so they can communicate well using English.