On Saturdays, the students of International Class Program have a special agenda of Super (Saturday Performance) at 7 to 7.30 in the morning.

Super is one of the supporting programs in International Class Program. In this event, the teachers as well as the students do English performances. It can be speech, story telling, role play, poem reading, singing, etc. The aim is to encourage the students to speak English as well as to build the students’ confidence in speaking English.

Last Saturday, they had three performances. The first was motivation from Ms Atin. After that, Raihan from 9A performed a story telling and Deva from 9E delivered a speech about public speaking tips.

This morning, Shafa and Aura from 9A became the MC of today’s performance. The performers were from 8A and 8E. It was singing and speech.

Super is a fun yet challenging agenda. Hopefully it will build the students’ skill and confidence as well.