English Assignment 7 Grade
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For question number 1
Read the following greeting card and answer question below!
To: Rizal
Congratulations on your success as the winner of the Youth Scientific Contest 2015. We really are proud of you.

Best love,
Uncle Syukur and Family

1. What has Rizal done?
A.   Won the contest                               C.   Met uncle Syukur
B.   Congratulated uncle Syukur             D.   Loved his family
For questions number 2-4
Read the following greeting card and answer questions below!
To: Mom & Dad
Congratulations on your 20th wedding anniversary.
We wish you a happy life together.
From Fredy & Irine

2. When did Fredy’s and Irene’s parents get married?
A. In 1992       C. In 1994
B. In 1993              D. In 1995
3. The card is written to……
A. My Mom and Dad                      C. Irine’s Dad
B. Fredy;s Mom                               D. Fredy’s and Irine’s parents
4. The word “we” in the text refers to…..
A. the writer and the reader             C. Fredy and Irine’s son and daughter
B. Mom and Dad                             D. Mom and Dad’s son and daughter
For questions number 5-7
Read the following text and answer questions below!
Paul Cristanto

Congratulations on your success to pass the examination.
May today’s success be just the beginning of your long-life achievement and happiness.
Remember the challenges are waiting for you in the coming senior high school, However, I believe you can do your best as you used to be and become the best of all again. Good luck!

Your best friend,

5.  What is the writer’s purpose to write the text?
A. To ensure one’s happiness.          C. To have a good time.
B. To congratulate his friend.                  D. To entertain someone.
6. The text shows that Paul Cristanto has just finished his … school.
A. Junior High                                            C. Elementary
B. University                                        D. Senior High
7. Who is Riany?
A. She is your best friend                    C. Riany’s close friend
B. She is my best friend                  D. Paul’s friend
For questions number 8-10
Read the following Condolence text and answer questions below!
Dear, Marta
Nothing can replace of the loss of a loved one…But life must go on and sometimes we have to live for others. Just wanted you to know that I’m here for supporting in whatever way I can.
Love your brother,


8. Who is the addresser of the card?
A. Mathew’s brother                        C. Andrew’s friiend
B. Marta’s brother     D. Mathew’s parents
9. The function of the text is…..
A. to give simpathy              C. to invite
B. to announce       D. to congratulate
10. The word “we” in the text refers to……
A. Mathew and his brother                     C. Marta and his family
B. Marta and her brother               D. Marta’s brothers

For questions number 11-13
Read the following text and answer questions below!
To: Riantiano
Congratulations on your success as the winner of the writing poetry contest 2015. We are proud of you.

Best love, your uncle

Handy and all family

11. What has Riantiano done?
A. Won the contest.            C. Met his uncle
B. Congratulated Handy.                D. Loved his family
12. From the text we know that Riantiano…
A. congratulates the uncle and family
B. invites his uncle and his family to the contest
C. receives the card from his relatives
D. refuses the card from Handy and family.
13. The word “uncle” means…….
A. Mom’s or Dad’s sister                C. brother’s mom
B. Mom’s or Dad’s brother             D. sister’s Dad.

For questions number 14 – 17
Read the following card and answer questions below

14. The text above is a kind of … card?
A.invitation             C.greeting
B.condolence            D.short message
15. Who will probably receive the greeting card?
Someone who….
A.is in the hospital              C.has done a great job
B.lives in the world             D.is wonderful
16. This text may be sent by the followings, EXCEPT….
A.  a closed  friend             C.  a pastor
B.  a charity organization    D.  a driver
17. The word “you” in the text refers to….of the card
A. writer                 C. receiver
B. reader          D. speaker
For questions number 18-20
Read the following card and answer questions below
Dear Paul and Tessa.
Congratulation on your first wedding anniversary. Wish you both joy and success.

Lisa and Tom

18.  The writer wrote the text to….
A. congratulate the anniversary of the success of someone
B. congratulate of a year marriage anniversary of someone
C. congratulate the anniversary of the fourth wedding
D. congratulate the wedding party of someone.
19.  From the text we can conclude that…
A. Lisa and Paul are husband and wife C. Paul and Tessa have marriage for one year
B. Lisa and Tom love Paul and Tessa D. Paul and Tessa congratulate your first   wedding Anniversary
20.  The word “you” in the text refers to……
A. reader                              C. Paul and Tom
B. Paul and Tessa                D. Tessa and Lisa
For questions number 21 – 25
Read the following card and answer questions below

Dear Rio,
Congratulation on your success as the top scorer.
I know you are one of the best players that our school has. Good luck for the next competition.



21.  Petra writes the card to Rio for his success….
A. at school team                C. as the best player at school
B. at school competition     D. as the top scorer in the sport competition
23.  The following statement are TRUE according to text, EXCEPT …
A. Rio and Petra are school mates   C. Rio is the only best player that his school has
B. Rio will join another sport competition soon   D. Rio has joined the sport competition
24.  “…I know you are one of the best players…” ( line 2 )
The word “I” in the text refers to…..
A. Rio         C. reader
B .Petra                        D. Receiver
25.  “Competition” in the text has the same meaning as….
A. contest   C. concert
B. show           D. match.
For questions number 26 – 27
Read the following card and answer questions below
In the opening of a new branch of
In two places;
Jakarta: Kebon Jeruk 203 (021-78654398)
Jogjakarta: Jl. Kol Sugiyono 54 Yk (0274- 7435642)

Warm regard:
Mr. Randy & All customers

26.    The purpose of the text is…..
A. to congratulate the dry season     C. to congratulate the opening of the company
B. to ask some help for the dry cleaning     D. to ask about Martinizing dry cleaning

27.    Who is Mr. Randy?
A. He is a director of the company             C. He is a mechanic of a machine
B. He is a worker of the company              D. He is the sender of the card

For questions number 28 – 30
Read the following text and answer questions below
Hi, John..
You are really an intelligent student in this school. You have achieved the highest score on the UAN examination.
Congratulation! I am very proud of you.
Mom and Dad

28. The text above is writen to…
A. congratulate Mom and Dad. C announce the intelligent student
B. show Mom’s and Dad’s pride of John D.explain how to be an intelligent student

29. The opposite meaning of the word “highest” in the text is…..
A. best                    B. shortest                    C. worst                       D. Tallest

30. From the text we know that John is a student of …
A. the first grade                 C. the third grade
B. the second grade                        D. last grade

Tugas Bahasa Indonesia level 7

I. Pilihlah jawaban yang paling benar!
Cuplikan berikut digunakan untuk menjawab soal nomor 1
Gimana kabarmu? Aku harap kamu dalam keadaan baik dan sehat,ya? Aku juga disini dalam keadaan baik dan sehat.

1.berdasarkan kepentingannya, cuplikan tersebut termasuk jenis surat……………..
a.pribadi c.permohonan
b.tidak resmi d.pemberitahuan

2.berikut ini yang bukan merupakan unsur surat pribadi adalah………..
a.kepala surat c.alamat surat
b.tempat dan tanggal pengiriman surat d.isi surat

3.contoh penutup surat pribadi yang paling tepat adalah..
a. atas perhatian Bapak/ibu,saya ucapkan terimakasih.
b.semoga dijadikan perhatian dan terimakasih atas kebijaksanaan Bapak.
c.semoga surat ini bermanfaat bagi yang bersangkutan mengenai hal-hal yang bersangkutan
d.akhirnya selalu kudoakan,semoga anda dalam keadaan senang dan sehat-sehat saja.

4.pembuka surat yang tepat dalam surat pribadi adalah….
a.bersama surat ini,saya kabarkan bahwa keadaan keluarga di Bali baik.
b.Dengan surat ini,adik beritahukan bahwa keadaan adik sekeluarga sehat walafiat.
c.keadaan adik baik-baik saja,adik harapkan demikian juga hendaknya.
d.Halo apa kabar, mudah-mudahan paman tidak kurang suatu apapun.

5.kalimat penutup surat undangan resmi yang tepat adalah…
a.kehadiran Bapak/ibu merupakan suatu kehormatan bagi kami.
b.kehadiran bapak/ibu merupakan kelancaran rapat pengurus nanti.
c.kehadiran bapak/ibu tepat waktu merupakan disiplin waktu rapat.
d.Atas perhatian bapak/ibu,kami mengucapkan terima kasih.

6.contoh surat yang merupakan surat dinas yaitu,kecuali,
a.surat pengantar c.surat keputusan
b.surat tugas d.surat perkenalan

7.surat pribadi disusun secara….
a.resmi c.baku
b.tidak resmi d.tidak baku

8.apa yang biasanya dimuat dalam kepala surat….
a.tanggal,alamat,nomor surat
b.lampiran, lambang/logo instansi,perihal surat
c.nama instansi,nomor faksimile atau e-mail,alamat
d.salam pembuka,isi surat, tanggal

9.surat pribadi biasanya ditulis untuk mengungkapkan…
a.perasaan c.kritik
b.alasan d.balasan

10.dibawah ini yang termasuk contoh salam pembuka pada surat resmi/dinas adalah….
a.halo! c.apa kabar?
b.Dengan hormat, d.gimana apakah kamu baik-baik saja disana??

II. Jawablah pertanyaan di bawah ini dengan jawaban yang benar!

1. Sebutkan perbedaan surat resmi dan surat pribadi?
2. Buatlah surat resmi dengan tema pemijaman gedung olahraga!

Tugas Libur Latunas Science, kelas 7 ICP
1. Go to a place where a pollution occurs.
2. Take a picture of yourself there!
3. Give description about:
a. Detail location
b. Cause of pollution  do interview with the people who live there and give your opinion
c. The alternatives possible solution to solve the pollution problem in that place!
4. Layout of your work

5. Give it to your science teacher on 1 March 2019


1. Urutan tingkatan organisasi kehidupan mulai dari yang terkeci adalah…
2. Gambarlah sel hewan, keterangan organel sel nya, dan fungsi masing-masing organel sel tersebut!
3. Gambarlah sel tumbuhan, keterangan organel sel nya, dan fungsi masing-masing organel sel tersebut!
4. Sebutkan perbedaan sel hewan dan sel tumbuhan !
5. Sebutkan jaringan yang ada pada tumbuhan!
6. Sebutkan jaringan yang ada pada hewan!
7. Organ penyusun sistem pencernaan pada manusia adalah …
8. nteraksi antara pemangsa dan hewan yang dimangsa dinamakan …
9. Kumpulan seluruh populasi yang saling berinteraksi dalam suatu tempat tertentu dalam waktu tertentu dinamakan …
10. Berikan contoh yang termasuk hubungan mutualisme yaitu …
11. Bakteri saprofit adalah organisme yang dapat mengubah senyawa organik menjadi senyawa anorganik. Kedudukan bakteri tersebut sebagai komponen ….
12. Ekosistem dikatakan seimbang bila ….
13. Dalam suatu ekosistem, jaring-jaring makanan hutan akan terganggu apabila …
14. Buatlah jaring-jaring makanan pada ekosistem sawah!
15. Salah satu jenis pencemaran lingkungan yang kita ketahui adalah pencemaran Air dan pencemaran tanah. Pncemaran air disebabkan …
16. Pengelolaan air salah satunya harus memenuhi syarat kimia yaitu…
17. Pengelolaan air harus yang baik salah satunya harus memenuhi syarat bakteriologis yaitu …..
18. Salah satu penyebab penyakit kolera pada penduduk yaitu …
19. Jenis limbah pertanian yang dapat mengakibatkan terjadinya pencemaran lingkungan yaitu …
20. Ada beberapa cara agar limbah rumah tangga yang masuk ke sungai tidak mencemari ekosistem, yaitu …
21. Salah satu upaya yang dapat dilakukan agar air sungai yang keruh dapat digunakan kembali untuk memenuhi kebutuhan sehari-hari yaitu …
22. Salah satu ulah manusia yang dapat menyebabkan pencemaran air adalah…
23. Agar limbah rumah tangga tidak mencemari lingkungan, maka sebaiknya limbah tersebut…
24. Salah satu cara menanggulangi pencemaran  lingkungan yang disebabkan oleh limbah pabrik adalah …
25. Tumbuhan sejenis alang-alang yang di tanam di sekitar perairan bermanfaat untuk mengatasi pencemaran air yang disebabkan oleh ….

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